Offering a range of Western and Eastern style body massage therapies.

Treatment time 60 minutes (£60)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment an exceedingly light therapy that moves lymph fluid through the vessels and nodes clearing and cleaning the body systems. A fabulous rhythmic massage to replete the body exhausted by busy lifestyles and stress. 

MLD is an essential support treatment for post-operative patients and their renal function.  The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in the body’s ability to heal from injury and ward off skin fibrosis. It is essential to the body’s drainage system for cleansing and filtering out toxins and bacteria – especially after procedures. MLD is a light delicate form of Massage that stimulates the body’s own lymphatic system, improving metabolism, assisting the body function to eliminate waste, and providing a boost to the immune system. Subject to an online pre-screen questionnaire.

This is also an essential  treatment pre and post cosmetic procedures - such as BBL - Brazilian But Lift / TT - Tummy Tuck / Fleur de Lis TT / Liposuction & LIPO 360 / MMO - Mummy Makeover / BA - Breast Augmentation, Reductions & Reconstructions / BL - Breast Lift / MR - Muscle Repair / CL - Chin Lift / AL - Arm Lift / TL - Thigh Lift etc...

Please note - this is not a body sculpting or fat reducing treatment. I also do not re-open suture sites to push fluid or clear drains or conduct site specific drainage on seromas. Please contact your surgeon , GP or HCP for further advice. My strongest suggestion would be to add this Deep Tissue drain clearing treatment to your Cosmetics Package at the hospital or clinic where you are receiving your surgery. Please remember to factor this cost into your cosmetic budget. 

Once these are completed you can then come for MLD Massage or MLD Acupuncture. Often Cosmetic Clients don't factor in the cost of recovery sessions. Consultants' advice differs widely but the majority request you receive at least 10 MLD sessions (1 or 2 a week initially) to help reduce swelling, speed recovery and reduce the risk of skin fibrosis.  Make sure you have good communication with your surgeon / clinic  to answer the many questions you may have regarding your post op recovery. Please - it is better to receive advice from your specialist medical provider, who has completed a comprehensive individual medical history on you, than from the internet. 

There have been instances where I have reduced fluid in seromas for clients via MLD Acupuncture therapy - this can vary significantly from client to client. The fluid from this MLD Acupuncture session will mean that you pass it out of your body when you go to the toilet.

Why not increase your Renal and Lymphatic function to optimum level before your procedure. Book your Pre MLD session two to three days before your surgery.

New for 2023! I now offer an additional service of Bed and Breakfast - I am a five minute taxi drive from London Luton Airport. This is great for surgical clients requiring pre and post care treatments as they fly in and out of the UK. If you cannot find a therapist in your area and you need to travel to me and receive MLD daily or the recommended two or three times a week. This offers a practical solution to travelling whilst in the painful stage of recovery. Please enquire about availability through her.t4h@googlemail.com

Empress LoveLynda is fantastic I had liposuction and with extreme lymphoma in my legs. I had previously had liposuction and without mentioning the therapist the massages made no difference. On my second round I was fortunate to find Lynda through a google search and I have had treatment since with the first session there was a difference with my condition and I have seen changes daily. I Would highly recommend anyone who has had surgery such as myself to use her services. Thank you Lynda for your knowledge and expertise.   5* review

Aneta TK - Immediately after my BBL surgery I started MLD with Lynda . Today was my 10th massage and I am very happy with the results. Full professionalism and a great atmosphere. I will definitely be back! I highly recommend ❤️   5* review

Mal -  I recently had a MLD massage with Lynda and can honestly say I’ve never felt so relaxed, I waited a few days to leave a review to see how I would feel after and I’ve slept better and just fell better in general. I would definitely recommend.    5 * review


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