HER face

Feet, Fingers and Face contain the most amount of nerve endings. When you have these areas massaged you melt into bliss. Each facial you can choose from a hand/arm - foot / lower leg massage whilst my homemade Rassoul mask deep cleanses your face.  

Treatment time 60 minutes (£55)
Ultimate bliss for the face a Double Cleanse / Facial Polish / Vitamin E Treatment / Toning Hydrolat / Organic Clay Mask Pack Treatment and Japanese Face Massage. Included with the 60-minute treatment ; Choose from one of the following - Hand and Arm Massage / Foot and Leg Massage or Abdominal Colon Massage.

Treatment time 30 minutes (£35) 
Ultimate bliss for the face a Double Cleanse / Facial Polish / Vitamin E Treatment / Toning Hydrolat / Organic Clay Mask Pack Treatment and Japanese Face Massage. 

CHINESE FACE MASSAGE - Treatment time 15 minutes (Design your Mix and Match)
Can't bear to miss your body massage then why not choose a Massage treatment length - then ask for the last 15 minutes of the session to either be included within the session time. 

Treatment times range from 30 minutes (£35) | 45 minutes (£45) | 60 minutes (£55)
Using a cooling Jade tool over the skin stimulating the vascular system. This is a light and soothing treatment helping facial puffiness to process lymph fluid from the face into their corresponding nodes and stimulating the healing process. Leaving dull skin glowing and the client in an extreme relaxed state. GUA SHA may help with chronic conditions such as TMJ pain, tension headaches,  sinus congestion and eye strain.

BA GUAN Facial Cupping Treatment  Treatment times range from 30 to 60 minutes 

Treatment time 60 minutes (£55)
A calming treatment stimulating Acupuncture points within and surrounding the ear channel to self heal. This warming and vibrating treatment can sooth a number of chronic ear and nose conditions. This treatment includes Chinese Face Massage to simulate all healing points on the face and scalp. 


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