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Offering a range of Western and Eastern style body massage therapies.

Treatment times range from 30 minutes (£35) | 45 minutes (£45) | 60 minutes (£55) |
90 minutes (£75) | 120 minutes (£95)

NO HANDS is a dynamic new form of Massage which has been labeled as the most powerful new therapeutic Massage treatments available. It works because the therapist uses the soft surfaces of their forearm. It is both deeper and more relaxing than conventional Massage. Regular NO HANDS Massage® sessions work on a cumulative principal where healing change happens gradually, over time and through repetition. Massage may help to strengthen your immune system, lift your mood, reduce anxiety and pain and self-manage stress.  

Treatment times range from 30 minutes (£35) | 45 minutes (£45) | 60 minutes (£55) |
90 minutes (£75) | 120 minutes (£95)
Protocols have been specifically adapted for sports and gym enthusiasts as well as serious athletes (including Sporting Event Massage) which may improve recovery time and injury prevention. This is not just for the gym chicks this treatment is appropriate for anyone who has a physical job or hobby. Dancers, walkers, hill climbers, dog walkers, shelf stackers and cleaners - I get them all on my couch - they just spend their time "working out" in a different way. The great thing is these sport protocols can be applied to anywhere in the body with the same great deep tissue work.

Treatment time 60 minutes (£55)
Structural problems of the back are probably the most common reason why people go for Massage. A Structural Release session may help you to re-align your body effectively with advanced and unique muscular work to free your neck, spine and hip so they can function how they were always meant to function. When your spine, neck and hips are free, supple and flexible then nerve, lymph and blood supply to all your organs is improved with increased functioning, health and energy.

Treatment time 60 minutes (£55)

Trauma Discharge Therapy is a new Body & Mind therapy that specifically aims to reduce the amount of ambient trauma carried or imprinted in our nervous systems. A powerful blend of Massage, Psychology and the very latest Neuroscience. As a consequence of this discharge we build our resilience - the single most important aspect of our health and wellbeing. This touch focuses and is specifically designed to provide a pathway for the "locked in" energy of trauma to discharge itself out of the nervous system and the body. Gently - without any drama or discomfort. Practically all illness and sickness, both mental and physical, has its roots in the kind of nervous system dysregulation which is the result of trauma.

Treatment times range from 30 minutes (£35) | 45 minutes (£45) | 60 minutes (£55)
Be sure and safe with Oncology Massage. Whether you have completed your treatment or have been clear for many years you need to make sure that your session is provided by a knowledgeable therapist.  If you or a loved one is living with cancer you will know how much of a life changing experience it can be. A diagnosis can bring a great deal of anxiety and fear to the cancer patient and their caregivers. Adapting to cope with the diagnosis, the treatment plan and any symptoms & side effects can be a huge mountain to climb physically, emotionally & practically. Skilled touch is beneficial at nearly every sage of the cancer experience, from diagnosis and prognosis stages, pre or post-operative period, during chemo and radiation, recovery at home and remission or in the end stages of life. (Consultant approval required followed by an online pre-screen check).

Treatment time 50 minutes (£55)

Using special iron-rich basalt volcanic stones. During the treatment, you are engulfed in warmth and comfort, The energies from the stones promote a meditative and calm state, helping you to relax and melt to the deepest state possible and you feel the warm nurturing and healing effects long after the treatment is over.

TUI NA - Classical Acupuncture point Massage
Treatment times range from 30 minutes (£35) | 45 minutes (£45) | 60 minutes (£55) |
90 minutes (£75) | 120 minutes (£95)

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture points to treat the everyday aches and pains of the body. On-Point may be good for painful knots in your shoulder, RSI in your arms and wrists, lower back and hip pain from sitting at a PC all day. It This Advanced Deep Tissue remedial massage targets specific areas of chronic muscle pain using Acupuncture points with Acupressure, Trigger Points and Neuromuscular techniques. Individually tailored, the client and therapist work together to release and may diffuse painful accumulations of muscle tension.

Treatment times range from 30 minutes (£35) | 45 minutes (£45) | 60 minutes (£55) 
Gua Sha is an Ancient Chinese healing practice that affects the myofascial and muscles at both the superficial and deeper levels within the body. Often combined with Chinese TuiNa Massage to get to the source of painful areas stuck within the body. By stimulating the vascular system, it is believed that any painful blockages or build up can be removed which can result in relieving any ailment being treated and promoting recovery by stimulating the healing process. It can also be applied to enhance one’s immunity and to maintain good all-round health.  

Treatment times range from 30 minutes (£35) | 45 minutes (£45) | 60 minutes (£55) 
Cupping is a therapy that has been used in China for thousands of years as an effective treatment for pain and chronic conditions. The cups move stuck Qi and Blood stagnation within the body that causes pain and frees up ligaments, tendons and the myofascial level. Using vacuum cups on either individual areas of pain or choose a whole treatment where cups are placed strategically on Acupuncture points along each of the 12 Meridians for a Balance Treatment Session.  

 Treatment times range from 30 minutes (£35) | 45 minutes (£45) | 60 minutes (£55) 
A therapy using heat which penetrates beyond the skin into the deeper layers of muscle tissue, without burning the skin. Discovered and widely used in North China since 1000-1500BC as a heat therapy for cold and chronic conditions.  First referenced in The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine, it is thought to be older than Acupuncture medicine itself. Heat is one of the key elemental tools used in TCM 8 Principal diagnosis and helps treat Cold / Damp and Phlegm conditions. Mugwort was found to produce the most Heat/Yang energies from all the herbs studied. In Western Medicine terms Moxa produces far greater amounts of far infrared electro magnetic waves (FIR) which the body recognises as natural and healthy. The body absorbs the FIR for physiologic and hormonal function as well as for cellular activity.  Unlike direct sunlight, which includes other electro magnetic waves, like UV rays which are harmful over a period of time, once the body takes up as much of the FIR it requires, it stops absorbing them.

Moxa, or dried Mugwort, is lit just like incense and applied to either acupuncture points or muscle groups all over the body. (Except the face and head). Sometimes the burning Mugwort is placed directly on the skin, or sometimes it is separated from the skin by a thin layer of ginger can be added to enhance the absorption of alternative Yang energies. The warming Moxa effect is believed to be much the same as acupuncture treatment for certain conditions, so it is a great alternative for those with a fear of needles! Moxibustion is used primarily to treat women’s health issues of all kinds. It is purportedly most effective for those women going through menopause, and offers an alternative, supplemental relief to Western hormone therapy treatments.


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