Every session... 

I have been working in the therapy industry for the past 16 years. Over the years I have trained and updated my skills in a wide range of treatments. This can seem very  overwhelming when trying to decide what would suit you best for your first session. 
I can say by far the my most requested and popular treatment is purely Massage in all its forms. 
It's tailored because each session we agree at the start exactly what you want to achieve from the treatment.

tailored to you...

Each session is individually tailored to you at every session. Maybe you have tight shoulders from working at your desk and really want someone to work deeply for muscular skeletal release. At your next session you may want to de-stress and ask for a peaceful and calm session. Massage can connect you directly with your Central Nervous System unlocking cluttered headspace that is usually tied up in the daily stress. Helping you deal with the challenges of life.


You don't have to require a more specialised session. But if you do I see lots  Pregnant clients and ladies in their Post Partum phases. I also see Oncology patients that have approval from their Consultants.
My Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment is popular with Pre and Post-Operative clients. Those who have had clinical and cosmetic procedures come to me to kick start their renal and lymphatic function to assist the healing process.
They come knowing they are in safe and trained hands.


Please call during office hours
 Better yet leave a text with your name and enquiry
I am most likely to be in a therapy session and
I will contact you as soon as I am available.

HER therapies Please call or text 07988739596 to make an inquiry

A comprehensive E-CLIENT pre-screen form will be emailed
for you
 to completed prior to attending your session.

Your temperature will be taken before you enter the premises.

Masks are compulsory during session
unless you provide your exemption card.

Please be aware that I treat people who are pregnant
and who are immuno-compromised.

Lynda Allen
Woman's Wellness Practitioner

Formerly known as Her-therapy 4 health