HER policies

It's great when we all are working on the same page. 

Please respect your time and mine.

Your therapist will text remind you - within 24-hours prior to your next appointment time. Noting the session date and time.  You will need to confirm that you will be attending. Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions listed below. 

I am an absolute stickler for clients to be on time for their booked session. Please aim to be with me at least five minutes before your session time. 

A late show for an appointment could result in your treatment time being reduced to fit within the booked time slot.  Please note, the pre-agreed fee for the whole booked session will be levied.  This means if you turn up late you will receive treatment until the end of your original booked time slot.  I will text you 5 minutes after the start of your session time to see if you are attending your pre-booked session.  I can not run over, to give you your full session time, as your lateness will put the next client back and I will not do this. You will be charged for the whole session time you pre-booked. 

Clients who fail to attend their booked appointments are considered to be a "No Show". Please note - it is HER policy not to book clients who fail to attend sessions into any appointments in the future. It is your responsibility to manage your diary schedule. If you still wish to have a session with me after a "No Show"  you will need to pay the full booked fee for the missed No Show session and, in addition, pre-pay for the session you wish to book. 

For all scheduled appointments there is a requirement of a 24 - hour notice period otherwise 100% of the agreed fee will be charged. In the event that you may need to cancel an appointment please contact your therapist directly.

You will be asked to complete a short pre check E-consultation form prior to session. If you fail to complete the form it will be done at session and will be included in your session time.  Forms can be sent via text, email, WhatsApp and do not require a printer. Once you tap the submit button I will be able to read your form. 

Under no circumstances will the therapist massage if under the client is believed to be, or remaining, under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. Aggressive or suggestive behaviour or language (whilst in session or over the phone) will ABSOLUTELY NOT be tolerated and you will be asked to leave and will not be able to re-book. 


Please call during office hours
 Better yet leave a text as I am most likely to be in a therapy session.
I will contact you as soon as I am available.

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